Terms of Reference

IEO Terms of Reference PDF version


The Independent Evaluation Office (IEO) has been established to systematically conduct objective and independent evaluations on issues, and on the basis of criteria, of relevance to the mandate of the Fund. It is intended to serve as a means to enhance the learning culture within the Fund, strengthen the Fund's external credibility, and support the Executive Board's institutional governance and oversight responsibilities. IEO has been designed to complement the review and evaluation work within the Fund and should, therefore, improve the institution's ability to draw lessons from its experience and more quickly integrate improvements into its future work.

Director, Independent Evaluation Office (IEO)  PDF version
Terms of Reference

Duties and Responsibilities

1. The Director will be responsible for establishing and carrying out the work program of the Independent Evaluation Office (IEO). The duties and responsibilities of the Director shall be performed consistently with the Terms of Reference of the IEO. The plans for and prioritization of the work program will be prepared in consultation with members of the Executive Board and Management. The Director will present an annual work program to the Executive Board for review no less than sixty days in advance of the beginning of each fiscal year. The Director will provide support for the conduct of evaluations that are initiated by the Executive Board and will adjust or revise the work program of the IEO to accommodate such evaluations. Amendments to the work program will be presented to the Executive Board for review.

Non-Contractual Employees, Independent Evaluation Office (IEO)  PDF version
Terms of Reference

1. Personnel (other than contractual employees) working for the IEO will be appointed as employees of the Fund (IEO employees), not staff members.

2. During their period of service, IEO employees will perform under the supervision of the Director, IEO, and will not take any direction with respect to their work related functions from any other person or authority (other than as delegated by the Director, IEO).