What's New
December 14, 2021
The IEO Seminar Series hosted Mårten Blix (Research Institute of Industrial Economics in Sweden) on "Sweden’s Successful Financing of A Strong Welfare System: A Model for Other Countries?" This webinar discussed Blix's recent book Privatizing Welfare Services – Lessons from the Swedish Experiment (Oxford University Press, 2021). Following this presentation, Erik Hanushek (Stanford University) offered a brief discussion of the book. 
December 7, 2021
The IEO Seminar Series hosted Adam Tooze (Columbia University) on "Ready For Business? How COVID-19 Shook the World and How Unfit We Are For A New Crisis." This webinar presented Tooze's latest book Shutdown: How Covid Shook the World's Economy (Allen Lane, 2021), a tour-de-force account of 2020. Following this presentation, Shlomo Mizrahi (University of Haifa, Israel) offered a brief review of the book. 
November 30, 2021
The IEO Seminar Series hosted a conversation with Paul Krugman (CUNY) on "Inflation Take-Off: Transitory or Troubling?" This conversation was accompanied by a roundtable discussion with Laurence Ball (Johns Hopkins), Surjit Bhalla (OEDIN, IMF), and Sonali Das (RES, IMF).
November 30, 2021
The IMF published the Eleventh Periodic Monitoring Report on The Status of Management Implementation Plans In Response To Board-Endorsed IEO Recommendations along with a Press Release.
November 18, 2021
The IEO hosted a virtual conference to mark the 20th anniversary of its opening in 2001. You can watch recordings of the conference, view the presentations, and read the speaking notes all on the conference homepage.

our work 

The Independent Evaluation Office (IEO) was established in 2001 to conduct independent and objective evaluations of Fund policies and activities. Under its Terms of Reference, it is fully independent from the Management of the IMF and operates at arm's length from the Board of Executive Directors.

our mandate

The IEO's mission is to:

Enhance the learning culture within the Fund, strengthen the Fund's external credibility, and support Institutional governance and oversight. 

about us

IEO Team

Charles Collyns
Prakash Loungani
Assistant Director
Michael Kell
Advisor and Senior Budget Manager
Jun Kim
Advisor and Alternate Senior Budget Manager
Cyrus Rustomjee
Advisor and Senior Personnel Manager
Nicoletta Batini
Lead Evaluator
Louellen Stedman
Lead Evaluator and Alternate Senior Personnel Manager
Yasemin Bal Gündüz
Senior Economist
Jeremie Cohen-Setton
Senior Economist
Anthony De Lannoy
Senior Economist
Miguel de Las Casas
Senior Economist
Alisa Abrams
Joshua Wojnilower
Economist and Budget Officer
Roxana Pedraglio
Senior Research Officer and Budget Officer
Sriram Balasubramanian
Senior Research Officer
Lukasz Jannils
Research Officer and Budget Officer
Jiakun Li
Research Officer
Arun Bhatnagar
Senior Admin Assistant
Elena Pinillos
Projects Officer
Andrea Nicole Tumbaco
Staff Assistant

be a part

The IEO is based at the IMF headquarters in Washington, DC, USA. In addition to the regular staff positions at the IEO (recruited from the outside and seconded from the IMF staff) there are a variety of options to work for the IEO as a consultant. Long-term consultants are hired for the duration of an entire project or more. Short-term consultants cover particular aspects of a project. Some of the short-term consultants stay based in their home country while working for the IEO.